Big Prayer Announcement: 40 Day Media Fast

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Michael & Hannah Allen
February 4, 2021

tarting January 17th college students from across America will be doing the Collegiate Jesus Fast leading up to the Collegiate Day of Prayer (CDOP) on February 25th. In the past 6-7 years, tens of thousands of students have fasted together. In the last 2 years, every campus in America has been covered in prayer on the CDOP. we would like to challenge every person reading this post to prayerfully consider this 40 Day Season of Fasting and Prayer.

We would like to ask every person reading this post—not just college students—to do a media and entertainment fast for the next 40 days.

We believe the strongest hold our culture has on the church is media and entertainment. We believe that God desires to speak to us right now in the midst of the chaos and the confusion. There is dulling spirit of delusion being poured out on this generation, and God is looking for those who have clean hands and a pure heart, and have undistracted eyes and ears in this season (Psalm 24:4).

In scripture, the sons of Isaachar were noted as understanding of the times and seasons. How can we be those kinds of sons and daughters if we are busy getting drunk off of the world, media, news, and entertainment? If 2020 has shown us anything, it is that there is a famine of the Word of the Lord in the land.

In addition—if you feel lead to—many are doing Daniel Fasts or juice fasts for the next 40 days. Please prayerfully consider your personal level of involvement! We will also be praying for a breakthrough over the hearts and minds of college students and young people across America. Not only that, but we believe that if we in the body of Christ would posture ourselves for the next 40 days, consecrating our eyes, ears, and hearts, God will speak to us with words to shake the nations.

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