Evangelism - Day 34

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February 21, 2020

For, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? ROMANS 10:13-14

For a follower of Jesus, evangelism is not an option because evangelism is the natural outflow of someone who has truly experienced Jesus. Evangelism is simple: sharing the best thing in your life, namely that Jesus can heal, forgive, and give life. God’s Spirit is poured out when college students come together to share Jesus.

Pray for open eyes to see those needing Jesus’ love.

Pray that believers on college campuses would unite around the mission entrusted to them.

Pray for believers on college campuses to experience God’s power and boldness to witness through the Holy Spirit.

Pray for students to be unashamed of Jesus and to share His message everywhere.

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