Incarnational Ministry - Day 32

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February 19, 2020

For in Christ lives all the fullness of God in a human body. COLOSSIANS 2:9

When Jesus entered the world to open up the way for mankind to be reconciled to God, He did it by becoming flesh and revealing God’s nature – His grace and truth – in a way that could be seen and experienced. When churches and ministries do this in their communities – embodying the nature of God by living lives full of grace and truth, both corporately and individually – barriers come down and relationships develop that serve as bridges for the Gospel.

Pray that Christians would influence those around them through their actions, authentically following Jesus in all aspects of their lives.

Pray that Christians would have more opportunities to demonstrate the love of Christ and share the gospel with the people they encounter daily.

Pray that Christians, churches, and campus ministries will see those far from God, marginalized, and hurting as people for whom Christ died and be able to show them compassion and grace.

Pray that Christians will have wisdom to know how to speak relevant truth with love to our world.

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