My Beloved Son - Day 9

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January 27, 2020

“You are my beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.” MATTHEW 3:17

Before Jesus begins his 40-day season of fasting in the wilderness, the Father declares over Jesus, “This is My beloved Son!”

Every test that follows must be seen in this light. Satan’s strategy is to tempt Jesus to act in such a way that He will deny the Father’s words through insecurity or impatience. After all, He has not healed a single person, cast out a single demon, or preached a single message. No water has been turned to wine. No storm has stilled. Neither cross nor resurrection has yet occurred. How many of us feel the need to prove ourselves? Satan tries to tempt Jesus: You are the son of God — act like it! Do something. Get this Messiah show on the road!

But a son does not need to prove anything to his father. He simply abides in love. Before any public ministry or private triumph, before Jesus does any work at all, His relationship to His Father is secure as a matter of sonship and not achievement. One of the great lies in Satan’s arsenal is to convince us that God loves human doings more than human beings. Even when Jesus had no resume, He had the Father’s love. He did not earn it — He received it. He was driven into the wilderness to confront the enemy on this very ground.

Pray for believers to understand their identity as God’s children and for the confidence that comes with it. Pray for believers to be confident in who God made them to be and to be free from comparing themselves with others. Pray for believers to be rooted and grounded in the love of the Father.

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